A good choc chip cookie

I’ve trialled many different flours for these cookies, and have found spelt to be the best. Yes it still has gluten, but the biscuit holds its crumb well and does not crumble like with rice flour. It also doesn’t dominate the flavour like buckwheat can. While I use those flours in other baking, for these biscuits the spelt is key. I’m not gluten intolerant, but I have noticed over the years that I have an issue with wheat. I don’t have it very often as a result, and when I do I feel drained and completely wiped out. 

A minute with Misty... Wellness Warrior Wisdom from the Potions Master at Misty Day Plant Potions

February 16, 2018
In our first edition for the year (Yes I know it's already mid February but some of us are still getting into the swing of things...) we have a minute with Misty. Or more accurately, a few minutes learning about this Magickal potion brewing Goddess behind the scenes of Misty Day Plant Potions.If you...
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Wholefood Pancakes

To say my boys and I are pancake fans is an understatement. They're a regular in our house, best served with lashings of coconut yoghurt, fresh fruit, heavy handed dashes of pure maple and chocolate omega sauce!

Kumara, Coconut and Quinoa Curry

This is a personal favourite of mine. My children will eat it if not too spicy, so I will make a batch, serve theirs, then season mine and enjoy the leftovers by myself the next day. This recipe is alkalising, which has many health benefits, illness is less likely to thrive in an alkaline environment, so I consciously try and add more alkalising ingredients into our diet on the daily.

Hemp and Chocolate Protein Balls

These taste like the inside of a Mars bar but are actually nourishing! Featuring hemp protein powder, raw cacao, sunflower seeds, agave, medjool dates, coconut oil and pumpkin seed butter. New fave and so easy to make!

Blackforest Blackbean Fudge - Raw

I'm a total chocoholic. I'm not gonna lie, I love the stuff and can easily smash a big block all by myself, so I need a healthy, nourishing, filling version in my life that we could all love! With the addition of tart and sweet sour cherries I think this fits the bill...

Buckwheat seeded loaf

Trust me, this is the seeded loaf you need in your life. It's ridiculously easy to make, and nutrient dense featuring buckwheat groats, sunflower, pumpkin, chia and linseeds and water. That's it. Life changing.

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