It's up to EWE!

Eat Well and Exercise - it's up to EWE!

That's a favourite saying of my Dad's, and he's really onto something there! In his 60's now, and is fit as a fiddle so the saying goes. Totally inspiring!

Exercising is critical for our health, but with so many different forms to choose from where does one even start?

Exercise is not just about proving to ourselves we can defy the aging process, look good or prevent a heart attack, it also enhances our capacity to digest food and eliminate physical and emotional impurities. The lymphatic system, which drains noxious substances from the connective tissues of the organs and muscles, depends on the daily movement of all the parts of the body. Exercise is best done according to ones capacity and physiological body type. I get bored quite easily, which is why I think I am back loving intensive BBG workouts by Kayla Itsines. In the below photo I was 26 weeks pregnant with my third child and was doing a mix of yoga, reformer pilates, tai chi and just walking, which are better for my body type if you're adhering to Ayurvedic doshas.

Walking is underrated in my opinion! Especially when walking through the bush - vitalising! We are so lucky here in New Zealand, there are so many beautiful walks you can do, all for free. My personal favourite is the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. It's ranked one of the top ten day walks in the world, and is right on our back doorstep. If you get the chance, I highly recommend doing it!


Yours in health,
The HH


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