A little bit of liver love

Liver love with the amazing Liver and Gallbladder flush.

As I begin to write this, I am one Epsom salt drink into my 9th liver flush.

I personally believe, that this Liver and Gallbladder flush is one of the best things I have ever done for my health. I am committed to go through until I see no more stones coming out, and I think that I'm close to this point. Tonight, I'm doing the flush with a friend who is doing one for the very first time. It always makes me so happy seeing other people getting on board and doing this flush, it's empowering that in this day and age where we are told that anything can be solved with a pill, that people are taking charge of their own health. This is HEALTH care, not sick care. Hang on a minute – What on earth are you talking about?! The Liver and Gallbladder flush is the works of Natural Medicine guru Andreas Moritz. He believed that gallstones are actually formed in the liver – intrahepatic gallstones, and comparatively few occur in the gallbladder. He believed that gallstones in the liver are the main impediment to acquiring and maintaining good health, youthfulness and vitality. Gallstones in the liver are, in his opinion, one of the major reasons people become ill and have difficulty recuperating from illness. He was certain, that the failure to recognise and accept the incidence of gallstone formation in the liver as an extremely common phenomenon may very well be the most unfortunate oversight that has ever been made in the field of medicine, both orthodox and holistic. Without wanting to virtually plagiarise his works, I implore you to read his book – The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder flush, and try it for yourself. It is inexpensive and very easy to do.

In a nutshell, understanding how crucial the liver is to the functioning of the rest of your entire body is reason enough to want to clean it out. I always use this analogy when preaching to friends and family about why they should do it – people get their vehicles serviced ALL the time, and never think twice about replacing the filter when it needs to be done. Yet very few people take the time to clean their own filter out. In my experience, clean eating, or eating liver loving foods alone, doesn't cut the mustard to how this liver flush works. And this is quick! Much quicker than following the liver cleansing diet (Dr Sandra Cabot – although that is a great diet, I did that many many moons ago).

Here are just a few reasons from Andreas why you may want to consider having a healthy, clean liver: - Almost every illness is either directly or indirectly caused by congestion of the liver bile ducts and gallbladder - Trapped, toxic bile is the source of most digestive problems - Congested bile ducts in the liver can turn harmless chemicals into cancer-causing substances, and then scatter them throughout the body - A poorly functioning liver can block 70 % of blood flow to the heart - The liver is responsible for mental clarity and emotional stability - The liver can spill proteins into the lymphatic system, setting off a myriad of immune system reactions – from allergies to autoimmune diseases, and from colds to cancer - The liver's enzymes can turn the body's own steroid hormones into either beneficial or deadly hormones. The latter can give a person cancer of the reproductive organs. - The liver is the largest gland/organ in the body. It is in charge of processing converting, distributing and maintaining the body's vital 'fuel' supply, anything that interferes with these functions must have a serious, detrimental impact on the health of the liver and the body as a hole. The strongest interference stems from the presence of gallstones. Now, you may be reading this and think its unneccessary. My family and friends who work in the mainstream medical system would certainly say that. I always find these sorts of attitudes amusing coming from people who have never tried it. I guess it comes down to what level of health that you want. If you want to have health care, or sick care. I never thought I had any issues, let alone ones that I would've linked to my liver. But here I am, now almost half way through my ninth liver flush, and the results speak for themselves.

I remember the very first flush I did. My good friend and fellow healthoholic recommended it to me, I hadn't heard of it before and was intending on doing a juice cleanse to kick my body into gear after I finished breast feeding my second child. She said, trust me, and, because I know she knows a LOT about health, I did. I did the very first one with my husband. We didn't really know what to truly expect, I mean you get told what is going to happen, but it's always quite another thing actually experiencing it! Both eager, we had the drinks precisely on time, grinning nervously as we drank them. At that stage I'd never ingested Epsom salts before, I'd used them plenty of times in baths, but had never once taken them internally. This may sound odd, but it is in fact a very old remedy for constipation. They are incredibly effective for clearing out your system! They taste worse each time you drink them. But, this did not deter me. I figured that as an ex Otago University student I had drunk MUCH worse, and that at least this was something that was GOOD for my liver, unlike the shots of tequila, absinthe and what have you that I had during those varsity years. I cringed as I thought about the olive oil and citrus mix, yet in reality this is much more pleasant than it sounds, and certainly in my experience I find it much less offensive than the salts!

For the evening we spent most of the time racing to the toilet every time we felt an urge. The Epsom salts did a wonderful job in clearing us out. Then at 10 pm we dutifully drank the other mixture, then lay down to go to sleep. I think I may have gotten up once that night, and otherwise I was fine on the toilet front until the next morning when we had the next two lots of salts.

The morning was when I noticed there were stones coming out. And lots of them. Just from what I could see I counted well over 300, and these were just the floating ones. They varied in size from split pea to thumbnail size and varied from a tan colour to a pistachio kind of green. In with this was a mix of chaffe type foamy stuff which is apparently cholesterol crystals.

The feeling I got at the end of that first flush, other than hunger (I hadn't eaten since 1.30 pm the day before), was INCREDIBLE. I felt light, not in terms of weight, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually, I felt good. In many traditional health systems such as Ayurveda and TCM, it is believed that anger sits in the liver. So to cleanse the liver is also to cleanse the body of anger and associated emotions with that. I felt calm, at peace, and in the days and weeks that followed I had noticeably more energy, I wasn't holding onto things as I used to and I knew, that without a doubt that I was onto something major. I began reading more, learning as much as I could, soaking it all up and more of Andreas' teachings and I can honestly say it's life changing!

So, I'm on my quest to keep cleansing until I get no more stones. Join me chasing vitality – and LIVEr cleanse. There is so much to be gained, what is there to lose?

On my first 7 flushes I would've had an estimated 300 stones each time, now these are just the ones I could see floating, this doesn't include the ones that sink. In my 8th flush I had around 100 stones. And now I'm on my 9th. Andreas recommends going until you get no more stones in two consecutive flushes, but not to do them any more regularly than 3-4 weeks apart.

If you're interested in the nitty gritty, I did 6 flushes before becoming pregnant with my third child. I started flushing again once he was three months old. He is now almost five months old and I am on my third flush since his birth, my ninth so far. My biggest concern with flushing while breastfeeding was how this might affect him, and also my milk supply as he is exclusively breastfed. I rationalised that many people put much worse things into their own body, or their infants body than Epsom salts, olive oil and citrus juice. I generally have a good milk supply but to make sure I am 'stocked up', I use a few milk boosting tricks such as drinking nursing support tea, a bit of brewers yeast in the morning, and I've expressed as well, just in case supply was low. In reality, all I have missed food wise is dinner, and I'll be eating again mid morning so I haven't exactly been starved. Although Andreas couldn't say it was 'safe' during nursing for legal reasons, I personally have found it fine. I would encourage you though, to do your own reading, and be fully comfortable with it before doing it. YOU are responsible for your own health.

In the build up to the actual flushes, I've tried using organic apple juice, malic acid tablets, malic acid capsules whole, malic acid capsules dissolved, Apple Cider Vinegar in water, and all of these work well. I have not tried tart cherry juice though although that is another option. Personally I don't really like apples, nor apple juice (unless it's with some 42 below feijoa vodka amiright), so I prefer to do the ACV or the malic acid capsules. Some people are concerned with apple juice about the sugar content, personally that doesn't bother me, I'm just not a fan.

I've had a couple of flushes where I've felt nauseas to the point of vomiting. Once was because I think I rolled over in my sleep and was sleeping on my stomach. The other was probably hormones as it was the first one I did after my son was born. It was very warm in the house I was in as the fire was going, I vomited in the night and had to delay taking my last Epsom salt mix as I vomited one of them up instantly! In my last flush I got probably around 100 stones that I could count. There are always some that sink and some that get broken up so small it's difficult to actually count them, but this is major considering I have yielded at least three times this much in previous flushes. I feel so good for doing this, as aside from environmental pollutants that are unavoidable, I've had three c sections so pretty heavily drugged in those instances, and was a full time student at uni for four years where there was a lot of alcohol consumption, not to mention the shitty food that was consumed!

So, it really feels good to be showing my body some love after all this time. It's such a great way to increase your energy and vitality, as once the liver is functioning better, everything else functions better too.

I have no completed my flush, and was disappointed a little to find that I had literally hundreds of stones. This time though there were very few green stones (pistachio and thumb nail size mainly), mainly lots of small light tan coloured ones which Andreas describes as calcified gallstones. So, still a success! But it looks like I'll be going for a few more rounds yet!

If you've done the flush I'd love to hear how you've found it!

Yours in Health

The HH


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