Hemp and Chocolate Protein Balls

I've been a bit over bliss balls, they seem to be everywhere but the flavour combinations can be a little lacklustre at times and I haven't been inspired to make my own for awhile. You know how you just get over food sometimes? Well, move over bliss balls - these raw hemp and chocolate protein balls are the bomb!

They taste like the inside of a mars bar but are so nourishing, containing so much goodness and are nut free, so a handy option to put in the kindy and school lunchboxes!

2 TB coconut oil, 50g hemp protein powder, 40 g raw cacao, 75 g sunflower seeds, 1 T Extra virgin olive oil, 125g medjool dates pitted, 2 T pumpkin seed butter, 1-2 T agave or maple, 2-4 T water depending how thick your mixture is.

Melt coconut oil in a an, then place in the food processor with all other ingredients except the water. Blend until a very fine, semi dry mix then add the water 1 T at t a time until it blends into one big sticky ball. Then roll into smaller place and place in the fridge to set. Roll in hemp powder, cacao nibs, coconut, seeds, what you like. Delish!


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