What the Holistic is that?

But seriously....

What is Holistic Health?

We all hear this term being bandied about, but what does it actually mean? And how can I use this approach to improve my overall health and wellbeing?

In my opinion, to reach a state of health, wellbeing and also vitality, you need to look at all aspects of one's lifestyle. The body, mind and spirit all need to be in balance to achieve and maintain vitality, and any deviation in energies from any of these areas can cause issues. For example you could be physically fit and eat a balanced and nutrient dense diet, but if you're under stress then it will manifest in the body (in ways that will vary from person to person). Being healthy is not just about being free of dis-ease or not being sick. It's an approach that looks at different lifestyle aspects as pieces of a puzzle, which all fit together to create balance.

When taking a holistic approach to improving health and wellbeing I think it means taking responsibility as an individual, taking charge of one's own health and striving for vitality, and not stopping at what you're putting in your body or how you're moving your body, but what you're exposing your body to environmentally as well.

We are all surrounded by toxins, no matter how careful one is with regards to what they eat and what products they use on their skin and in their home. They are everywhere! In the workplace, on the street, in traffic, in the park as most councils spray weedkiller at public parks! As toxins build up in our bodies, our liver becomes overloaded, or burdened and can struggle to cope with removing these from the body. When this happens, the rest of the ecosystem becomes sluggish, and symptoms will appear, and these will vary from person to person, in the form of dis-ease. Because of this, I believe it is imperative that everybody cleanses their liver, and colon, as part of a holistic health regime to ensure that the body can run as smoothly and efficiently as it can. Most people take better care of their cars, or even their lawns than they do their own body. People will change the filter in their car without batting an eyelid, but mention liver or colon cleansing and people start looking at you sideways!.

Holistic Health is about treating causes, rather than compartmentalising the body and fixing one thing like a band aid approach. I love this quote from Hippocrates that warns against just treating one part of the body – "for the part can never be well unless the whole is well."

To your health and vitality!

The HH


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