Last night's dinner turns into todays breakfast

BBB - Banana, Buckwheat and Butternut Pancakes


We LOVE pancakes, my kids would eat them everyday if I had the time to make them. We've experimented with all sorts, and we all have different favourites.

We also love soup. Especially at the moment when the nights are cooler and all you want is a belly full of warm deliciousness. How are these two related, you might ask? Well – I'll tell ya.

Butternut pumpkin is in season at the moment, it's hearty and delightfully sweet.It's also relatively cheap – generally stuff that's in season is cheap. Think of avocados, they were EVERYWHERE this summer, and you could easily pick up a bag of ten good sized ones for $5. Now that the season is over they're going for about $4.69 a pop, if my local supermarket is anything to go by. My point is – buying in season is the ticket.

Anyway, the other day I worked in the city, then picked up all the kids, took them all to my oldest sons soccer practise, then had to cook dinner for the family ad dmy brother in law, who is a big fan of soup. I needed something quick and easy.

SO, out came the butternut, I chopped it up and put it in a pot and just covered it with filtered water, brought it to the boil, then lightly mashed it. Then, just to add a bit of zhush, jsush, however you spell that, I grated in a thumb sized knob of fresh garlic, and 2 tablespoons of Coconut butter. I employed the use of the stick blender to whizz it all up. When it was smooth, I added boiled water (just so it was still hot) until I got the consistency just right. This will vary for person to person based on personal preference. I didn't want it too watery, nor did I want a puree like I'd make for baby food.

Anyway, dinnner was delicious. Wiped up nicely with some toasted spelt sourdough and organic butter. The next morning, my son was keen for pancakes, and I thought, well I've still got a little soup in the pot, and I am notoriously lazy, so I decided to mash in a couple of bananas, 3 eggs, 1 cup of buckwheat flour, and a cup of water into it. Save a dish right? Mixing these all together I then used a soup ladle which I find the perfect size for measuring in pancake mix, and cooked up the pancakes with a little coconut oil in the cast iron pot (ALWAYS cast iron, don't get me started on teflon).

DELIGHTFUL! Add in a little coconut yoghurt spiced with cinnamon powder and lashings of maple syrup and you got yourself a deliciou and nutritious breakfast, utilising last nights dinner! Side note - this wouldn't really work so well with a savoury soup...unless you want more a savoury pancake. But I personally like the sweetness, which is enhanced by the banana, which also helps to balance out the planty taste of the buckwheat. The ginger and coconut combined with coconut yoghurt, cinnamon and maple syrup really make this sing.

The soup mix;

1 butternut pumpkin, cut, deseeded, peeled (I just chop off the skin) and cubed into small bits for faster cooking

Filtered water – to cover the pumpkin

1 thumb sized piece of fresh ginger, grated

2 tablespoons coconut butter (I use Vigour & Vitality)

Method: Bring the pumpkin and water to the boil, then reduce to a simmer. When pumpkin is soft (check to see if a fork goes in easily) then turn off the heat and mash. Grate in the ginger, stir in the coconut butter and whizz up with a stick blender, adding more water until you reach your desired consistency.

Banana, Buckwheat and butternut pancakes:

1-2 bananas, mashed

3 eggs

1 cup buckwheat flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 c pumpkin soup

Extra water as required to get desired batter consistency

Mash the bananas then add the eggs, mixing until combined, add in the flour and baking powder and stir. Whisk or use a fork to mix in the soup, and add extra water if needed (or use your favourite nut milk). Once combined, let stand for five minutes as the buckwheat flour will absorb the moisture and you may need to add more liquid.

Fry in a cast iron pan with coconut oil, flipping the pancake when you see bubbles all over.

Top with your favourites – coconut yoghurt, chocolate sauce & maple syrup are our favourites, but some pecan or walnut butter would go down a treat too!

If there are any leftovers they can be good in lunchboxes, or cut into finger food for smaller humans. My boys all love them.

To your vitality

The HH xx


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