Our new fave breakfast - Millet Porridge

Warming Goodness - Millet Porridge with Caramelised Bananas, Berry Compote and Coconut Yoghurt

This is our current favourite breakfast in the house, well, with the kids and I anyway. My husband often writes my dishes off with a ‘don’t like that’ without even trying, which is not realllllly a great example to set to the kids when I’m trying to get them to try different things! He’d go for an eggs benedict any day of the week I’m sure, but I send him off to work with a nutrient dense smoothie instead (‘cause that’s what Tom Brady would do right?).

Anyway, I digress.

Millet!  What is Millet?

Up until a few years ago I hadn’t tried millet, or maybe I had, but in the very least I had definitely not purchased it and had certainly never cooked with it. It was suggested to me to use with stewed fruit for a good baby food, and of course I then read up on it and have been using it since. Not all the time, I tend to get bored easily of the same breakfasts, but this combination is definitely a favourite at the moment!

Millet is a mainstay for nearly a third of the worlds population. This gluten free grain has been a staple in Asia and India for nearly 10,000 years. It’s technically a seed, (but is usually categorised as a round grain) has a distinct, gentle, sweet flavour and is one of the most nutritious and digestible grains – high in fibre, B vitamins, protein (15 percent) and minerals including silicon, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc, and low in sodium. It is alkalising, antibacterial and anti fungal.

Like most things, you’ll find a lot of information about it online, some of which is conflicting. Personally I really rate it and prefer it over an oat or quinoa porridge.


Millet porridge

You can buy millet in a variety of forms, for ease I like to use millet porridge by ceres.

Cook according to instructions on packet. I usually cook mine with water, but you could use a milk of your choice instead for a more creamy tasting porridge

Berry compote

I’m no chef, I’m a home cook and I like to keep things simple and this is no exception.  To make this, I just use 1 cup of organic mixed berries (frozen), and I heat them gently in a pot with a squeeze of orange juice, and half a teaspoon of vanilla bean paste. Once heated through, grate in a thumb sized knob of ginger and also a little orange zest. By stirring these in once already heated you keep the flavour sharp and fresh.

Caramelised Bananas

I can’t believe I’ve only recently cottoned on to caramelised bananas. Seriously, these are my new favourite thing. They are scandalously easy to prepare and can take a dish from drab to fab very, very quickly.

Heat some coconut oil in a cast iron pan (I always use cast iron for cooking), while the oil is heating, slice bananas on an angle (so you get long pieces), then place into the hot pan. I’d say a medium heat, I cook on a gas cooktop and find it heats very very quickly. Once all the bananas are in, sprinkle coconut sugar lightly on top of them. After 1-2 minutes, lift one gently and check the underside, when nicely golden, flip all the bananas and sprinkle a little more coconut sugar on top. After another 1-2 minutes or when golden to your liking, remove from the heat.

To serve – spoon millet porridge into a bowl, add a generous scoop of coconut yoghurt, arrange caramelised bananas on top then spoon the berry compote on the side. Enjoy!


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