Wart IS that?

Healing warts naturally

Warts.  Weird, bumpy, strange growths that no-one really wants, or likes.  Other than they are caused by the HPV virus I’ve never known a lot about them. Except that they can be horrible to look at, causing most people (including the wart owner) to recoil in horror at the very sight, and VERY painful to remove.

I’ve recently had an amazing experience with healing warts with my five year old son that I wanted to share.  It’s the kind of thing that doesn’t seem real as they’ve vanished before my eyes over the period of a few weeks – without putting anything on the warts themselves.  It COMPLETELY blows my mind, and that of my sceptical husbands one too. 

So my son developed these warts on the palm of his hand.  There were heaps, no exaggeration.  Two lone ones near the base of his fingers and then a cluster of about 9 or so near the base of his palm.  They were hideous. Quite large, hard and bumpy – maybe flat warts? I don’t know. Heinous if I’m honest. Unsightly. Even I, as his Mother, who had sucked snot out of his nose as a congested infant, wiped his bum, cleaned his vomit, was repulsed.

Above pic dated 20 March 2017.

He has had a few stresses this year, he started school which was probably the biggest. He desperately missed (and still misses) kindy, was missing being at home as much with his brothers, I went back to work part time and our family dog that he’d known since birth died.  Not things that you’d probably think, oh okay, that explains the warts, but I’m a firm believer in stress manifesting in the body and believe they all had a part to play – all contributing to the bigger picture as a whole. As well as this he had a cough that never seemed to disappear, no matter what we did or what tweaks we made to our diet (food is medicine afterall, right?). 

Anyway, after noticing them and refraining from telling him to not show anyone his hands, (because he’s only a kid and we didn’t want him to get a complex, obviously), we talked through a plan of attack.  My initial response was to say, let me take him to our homeopath and get it sorted, while my husband campaigned for taking him to the doctor to get them burnt off – because that’s what you do right? Firstly, I thought that since there has been no issue that our homeopath hasn’t been able to fix, I wanted to try that route. Secondly, with a large amount of warts on his hand the dry ice was going to be extremely painful, and the wart paint, having experienced that myself as a kid, was also going to be very painful for the poor kid.

I’ve had warts before, I had them when I was a kid.  I vividly remember one on my heel, not on the sole part of the heel but the back part, and it was painful, it would rub against my school shoes and at times bleed (which let me tell you is painful, horrible and oh – just a tad embarrassing). It eventually was burnt off with liquid nitrogen at the local doctors clinic, and never came back. I had smaller ones on fingers and another on the sole of my foot once, is that a verruca? I don’t know.  Some were persistent and didn’t respond to liquid nitrogen, and were eventually removed by using wart paint, which is salicylic acid that you do at home by yourself.  Salicylic acid is an extract from the bark of the weeping willow tree, interestingly enough.  It can be very painful as the acid eats into the skin surrounding the wart. 

Above photo dated 26 April.

Anyway, so I went to our homeopath and as always worked through the symptoms that he had.  These also included the odd bed wetting as well, which was very unusual for him. So we had; new stresses in his life, loss of a loved pet, loss of a relationship from bizarre circumstances, bed wetting, big warts on his hand, and a chesty cough that persisted. The first remedy he was prescribed was Causticum 30c. Interestingly, we were told that lungs are the centre for grief, sitting alongside the heart. I won’t digress into the relationship loss that we had (suffice to say it was a close one), but I feel like this has been major for him - it has deteriorated since he was almost three on an ongoing basis, so I wasn’t surprised to hear this about the lungs and grief. He also loved our family dog, having known her since birth, so he would’ve been holding some grief for that. He was on this only for a few days and his chesty cough that had been with him all term disappeared and we have not had another bed wetting incident since (side note, if you have young kids and haven’t got brolly sheets for your bed, you simply must, so much easier than those old school plastic sheets and much less effort for changing bedding especially in the middle of the night). 

From this one remedy alone the warts started to form black dots, they started to itch a little but were not painful, they started to flatten, becoming less ‘raised’. We checked in again to see if he still needed the Causticum given his symptoms had changed with the departure of the cough, his symptoms this time indicated to a bowel nosode (or deep gut remedy – quite the fascinating thing here, give it a google), Morgan Gaertner.  Our homeopath was surprised as this, as was I. I have never once thought about warts being related to the lungs – OR the gut function for that matter. But I guess if you stop and think about it – all dis-ease begins in the gut.

Below photos dated 5 May 2017.

Anyway, we started on a few doses of Morgan Gaertner 30c. The warts continued to get blacker but still not really budge. After another remedy check in he was prescribed one single dose of Morgan Gaertner this time a 200c. This is what pushed things over the edge. The warts, which were already quite black, started disappearing, not peeling, not falling off, just disappearing into the skin, leaving smooth skin which to the touch left no residual feeling of warts. It’s like they just retreated – disintegrated, disappeared, returning from whence they came presumably, not to be seen again!

We are now several months down the track from the single dose of Morgan Gaertner 200c.  I know from my own research that bowel nosodes are incredibly powerful and that you should most definitely exercise caution when using them as a little goes a long way.  I am pleased as punch to say that ALL OF THE WARTS ARE COMPLETELY GONE. In total it took probably around 7 weeks.

No pain, no blood, no painting stuff on, nothing placed on the warts themselves whatsoever.

Homeopathy for the win!

Simply amazing.

Below photo dated 26 May 2017.

Below photo dated 31 May 2017

After this point, they looked like they have disappeared - but I took a follow up photo this week and this is how his hand looks now (pictured below). There is not a single sign of the plethora of warts that once plagued his hand.

Seriously this stuff is mind blowing. I'm a MASSIVE fan of homeopathy and in terms of treating illness it is my number one go to modality for healing. There hasn't been anything yet that it hasn't been able to help me and my family with.

A special thank you to our Homeopath Lee-Anne McCall at the Healing Haven in Ellerslie for all her continued help and support. Thank you Lee-Anne! You are truly amazing.


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