Wellness Warrior Wisdom - with the first bloke of the series - meet Hayden - Mr Vigour & Vitality!

Introducing Hayden Booker, Holistic Nutritionist and the creator of amazing Nut Butter company Vigour Vitality. I caught up with Hayden to get his take on holistic health and to find out what his secrets for VITALITY. Have a read!

What first led you to study nutrition?

I actually went to Massey University to study Sport Science (BSc) after I finished NCEA Level 3 at Rotorua Boy’s High (2008). I then realised in my first semester that most people work towards a double major to make the most of their time. I picked up Human Nutrition as my second major and enjoyed this just as much! It wasn’t until after I finished this BSc that I really started to understand health and wellness when I got a job in downtown Chicago as a holistic nutritionist (2013-2015). I knew this was a career path for me and I have stuck to it ever since.

What do you see as the main differences between clinical nutrition and the applications in real life? Clinical nutrition is manipulated too much by big cooperation’s. Not all the time for most of the time. For example, a dietitian here in New Zealand can be hired by a hospital or another company. They must then follow their recommendations and promote what they pay them to promote.

Tell us about your adventures abroad and your experience working in Chicago...

What were the key things/fundamentals you learnt there?

Foraging for wild food was something I really connected with. Wild water from springs has changed my life and is one thing I try to get people to switch to.

What’s your philosophy for health and wellness?

All diseases are inflammatory ‘Dis-ease’. If you focus on removing everything you put in and on your body that is inflammatory/toxic and replacing it with the extreme opposite then (almost) all diseases can be easily reversed or even cured.

What was the basis for forming Vigour and Vitality?

A platform for me as a nutritionist to heal the masses with our products.

What’s the deal with stone grounding – why is this so key?

Less heat, gentle, smoothness, creamy, delicious :D

Love the name by the way! What are some of the things you do in your daily life to ensure optimum vitality?

Where do I start., Move and laugh as much as possible! Fermented food and beverages, no dairy or animal products, plenty of herbs, shoes off and ground, coconut everything! My Instagram is where I try to share my life as a nutritionist (@haydenbooker)

Your thoughts on water...?

The cleaner the better! We usually drink spring water from the top of the Kaimai’s (side of road – Highway 29) but now our new home/factory has a massive rain catchment system which will be our main water source. We will be using this filtered rain water for the soaking phase for our nuts and seeds at Vigour and Vitality soon too.  

Walk us through a day on your plate...

I don’t really keep track of this but I should. I play soccer at a high intensity so during the season I am eating all day everyday whatever I can get my hands on. My girlfriend owns The Nourished Eatery so leftovers often come home for this hungry active man.

What’s your favourite modality for healing? Why?

Exercising at a very high intensity really gets the blood flowing in the right places. I especially enjoy exercising out doors and ending in a cool dip in the ocean. I love pushing my body to the limits and seeing how my body adapts following. Then utilising these gains on the football field while the adrenaline is flowing through my veins. I often surprise myself and otherwise watching with my explosive power, speed, flexibility and agility.

Care to share your fave recipe?

Nothing beats a good Chocolate smoothie with a shot of espresso. Chia seeds, almond and coconut butter, frozen banana, vanilla, and whatever else I can find in the fridge/pantry e.g. Maca, spirulina, hemp seeds, more nut and seed butter. For the liquid base either spring water, coconut water, or an iced tea (yerba mate is energising instead of an espresso shot).


Above photo cred to @ToadHallMotueka

Fill us in about your latest health freak find...

It's currently not legal here in New Zealand yet (hopefully soon) but the use of Cannabis (Sativa, Indica and cross-breads) to treat diseases is definitely the way forward. I know a number of people positively using cannabis based products to cure cancer, mental illnesses, help with sleep, stimulate appetite, and so much more. What this plant is capable of is immense and to have something so natural at one point in time made illegal is back to the point I was making early about big corporation’s wanting to control our minds and our health. “Herb is the healing of a nation. Alcohol is the destruction” – Bob Marley

Starting your own biz obviously comes with challenges, how do you manage the stress that comes with that and what advice would you give to those looking to start up their own thing? Exercise and I do smoke the herb to relax at times. Which is completely healthy :D

You can find out more about Hayden and Vigour Vitality online - www.vigourandvitality.co.nz or on the 'gram @vigourvitality and @haydenbooker

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