A minute with Misty... Wellness Warrior Wisdom from the Potions Master at Misty Day Plant Potions

Just some of the spellbinding potions from Misty Day Plant Potions. - Photo credit to @ericaboydwhite on the 'gram
Just some of the spellbinding potions from Misty Day Plant Potions.

Photo credit to @ericaboydwhite on the 'gram

In our first edition for the year (Yes I know it's already mid February but some of us are still getting into the swing of things...) we have a minute with Misty. Or more accurately, a few minutes learning about this Magickal potion brewing Goddess behind the scenes of Misty Day Plant Potions.

If you're not already a fan of Misty Day Plant Potions, boy are you missing out! These are a must have in your daily ritual, in my humble opinion.

How did you become a magical botanical Alchemist?

I don't know about magical! From a young age my mother took me to an iridologist and herbalist and I was always enthralled by how he managed to seem to know exactly what was going on, just from looking into my eyes. From then on, I learned everything I could about the human body, toyed with being a doctor and then rejected that for the light side, went on to qualify as a nutritionist and herbalist and then became a general herb nerd.  

What was the divine inspiration you had for creating your plant potions?

To be quite honest, I think it was more about a sense of making a change and following my truth. I had worked for years formulating dietary supplements and had seen that the whole industry was going down a slippery slope to becoming just another arm of the pharmaceutical industry.  All of the traditional knowledge was being discounted and suddenly herbs were only effective if they were a patented extract/ clinically researched or in a tablet full of tabletting agents. All the companies were ripping each other off, undercutting each other and finding very tenuous marketing claims that I just couldn’t buy in to.   I wanted to help people treat stress, bring back the traditions, separate herbal medicine from big pharma and bring a beautiful little bit of the plant world into the world of my customers.  

How beautiful are these! Such an easy way to add some extra goodness into your routine. - Photo cred to @dolenewzealand on the 'gram
How beautiful are these! Such an easy way to add some extra goodness into your routine.

Photo cred to @dolenewzealand on the 'gram

What is your favourite potion, and why?

I am that person that is always chasing the brain boost, the extra edge, so for me, I can’t go past Bliss Brew mixed with coffee and an extra half teaspoon of ashwagandha. I definitely think it gets my brain into gear and keeps my stress levels in check (mostly). Also, I have just launched Shroom Brew so that’s growing on me too – it has two of my fav herbs in it – gotu kola and lion’s mane- both awesome memory and brain boosters!

Tell us about the importance of the Philosophers stone and how this inspires your potions.

It is an alchemical symbol of enlightenment. I like to think of my potions as alchemical elixirs  which harness the power of herbs to bring you a little bit closer to your version of perfection or enlightenment. This could just be a moment of peace in an otherwise busy day or a switch flick which turns you down the path you are meant to tread.

What are your daily morning rituals?

I’m a pretty low maintenance kind of gal.  I usually roll out of bed at about 6.30, get my little one off for school, take some photos for the gram, check my mail, have a potion, draw a daily tarot card, then off to the gym for pilates or pump.  Is that a ritual?

What’s your philosophy on health and wellness?

Treat stress.  Time and time again, I have seen that when you treat stress, other health issues either go away or at least get better. Now “treating stress” is easier said than done and is so individualised but adaptogen or tonic herbs can really help reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol which in turn allows your other body systems to come back into balance.  Couple that with a bit of exercise, having a laugh, not worrying about being perfect and you are on your way. 

What rituals or mantras do you follow to keep your mind/body/spirit in balance?

My main mantra is “The universe will look after you, it has before and it will again”

I’m not really a ritual kind of girl, but I do have one weekly ritual that I love.

I religiously go to Avondale market every Sunday, rain or shine. I look forward to it - seeing what is newly in season, talking to my market friends, buying second hand clothes and bits and bobs. It is the one thing in a busy life that I always do and I come away, coffee in hand, with a trolley full of fruit, veges and herbs, knowing that we will have a beautiful abundance of food for the coming week. It’s my happy place for sure.

What’s the most unusual thing you do, or have done for your health?

I have been blessed with good health all of my life and for that I am eternally grateful.  That said, I have done just about every crazy health thing around, just to give it a whirl! I did an Atkins type Paleo diet about 10 years ago and got so constipated, I thought I was going to die. I tried urine therapy, I did a herbal detox which involved only eating veges for 15 days while taking 50 capsules three times a day which was supposed to make you poo out a cast of your bowel. It just made me hungry and puke up lots of cellulose capsules. Oh, and I can’t forget importing illegal brain enhancing nootropics after watching Limitless.   They made me a crazy work machine, but I didn’t make millions on the stock market and they gave me a headache.

Latest health freak/enthusiast find?

These really cool potions… Jokes!

I think my favourite find of the moment has go to be Circe natural perfumes. I always knew that perfumes were the most toxic shit you put on your body, but I had never found a natural one that didn’t make me feel like I had just marinated in incense. I met Amber from Circe at a market and I have been marinating in her perfume ever since. It’s the biznessss!! And not full of poisons! 

What’s your current favourite recipe?

I think it would have to be my iced adaptogen mocha.

Just brew some coffee and cool it ( you can use cold brew if you want)

Chuck the cooled coffee into the blender with a teaspoon of Bliss Brew, half a teaspoon of ashwagandha and a teaspoon of raw cacao powder. Blend. 

Fill a big glass with scoops of coconut icecream and sprinkle with chocolate chips

Pour over the coffee mix ..

I top mine with caramel sauce because I’m a bad naturopath. But you don’t have to.

What do you need to do when you need to recharge?

I love electronic music in the car, murder podcasts, nice smells and sex.  Those are definite rechargers. Not in that order of course (sorry darling)

What are the key essentials in the mystical handbag that are always with you?

I travel light. Just my purse, my keys and my phone- less to lose.  Everything I need is within me!

Also available in this magickal box set, what a gift for a loved one (that includes yourself you know #selfcare)
Also available in this magickal box set, what a gift for a loved one (that includes yourself you know #selfcare)

Misty Day Plant Potions are pretty hued, flower, berry, nutrient and tonic herb powders to nourish the body, fortify the mind and invigorate the spirit. 

There is a beautiful and healing range of single brews and also mindfully formulated tonics available. 

Check out www.mistydayplantpotions.co.nz for more information and for stockists nationwide!


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