Book Review - Medical Medium by Anthony William

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while….it’s a goodie.

If you’re interested in optimal health, have been looking to get well but have so far not had answers or results, are diagnosed with labels for a type of chronic disease, or just enjoy a fascinating read then this book is for you.

I wholeheartedly agree with Gwynny that there is something other worldly about Anthony. There’s no doubt about that. And being guided by Spirit of the Most High yes sounds a bit wacky – or not, depending what you’re into – but what he says just makes sense.

So much sense.

He gives practical advice on how to start healing the body.

He talks about things that have been dead and buried or simply just forgotten from years gone by – and how they’re affecting us now.

Some of the key factors influencing the state of our health today are part of what Anthony and Spirit call the unforgiving four. It may not be just one or the other affecting your state of health, it’s likely it’s a combination. The unforgiving four that we need to be aware of are; The Viral Explosion, DDT, Radiation and Toxic Heavy Metals.

Honestly it’s worth reading just to inform yourself about these if nothing else.

The Viral Explosion: Anthony tells of how the medical communities (both alternative AND allopathic) only know of one Epstein-Barr virus strain, but he tells us there are around 60 and some are more aggressive than others. How these go about things in our body and the various stages is fascinating. This is the foundation of chronic illness, and the oversight of this, he believes is one of the biggest medical blunders. The testing is not yet sophisticated enough to test for it accurately. If you've ever had glandular fever you will definitely have this. There's great detail about this virus in the book, but just quickly if you're suffering from any thyroid issues or have been diagnosed with lyme disease - this is the culprit. 

He talks about how we accumulate some of these unforgiving four generation to generation, and to be honest I don’t think that’s far fetched at all. How often do you hear people say, Oh yeah I’ve got a dodgy shoulder, just like my Dad, his Dad had it too, it just seems to run in the family. Well – same goes for some of this kind of stuff.

DDT - I must admit I hadn’t heard of DDT before. And when I read about it I wasn’t even aware whether it was used in NZ or not. It was never on my radar I suppose. FYI - it's a horrendous pesticide. So as I read through I called my Dad, because also he loves hearing about my latest, and whaddya know. Yes – DDT was used in NZ. He used it. He said all farmers around the area used it. EXTENSIVELY. And this is going back goodness knows how many years but at least thirty because that’s when we moved off that farm. He doesn't think the bird population ever recovered. Anyway – point is – it’s definitely a factor in our environment. A quick google will outline for you just how bad it was/is and how breakdowns of it are still showing up in tests now. SCARY. 

Radiation – well, we’re all exposed to that. Within our own homes – WIFI EVERYWHERE basically and no real testing on that. As well as radiation from other things – take Fukushima for example. That’s still leaking out. What are the health ramifications of that sort of poison being in both the atmosphere and the ocean? Rhetorical question because it’s not something that’s ever talked about – though it should be! If it were on the news about the strange starfish with double the amount of legs or fish with cancerous growths there would probably be mass hysteria.

Toxic Heavy Metals – Yep. These are around. Sometimes they’re in medications. There was a time when Mercury was used by medical communities as a cure all – but in fact it sent people nuts. The saying ‘as mad as a hatter’ is related to mercury. Only a short while ago in the scheme of things mercury was used in the form of thalidomide for pregnant women suffering from morning sickness. And that got phased out due to the abnormalities it was responsible for. Toxic Heavy Metals exist in many things. Some are unavoidable, some aren’t.

The good news is – we can recover.

We can heal.

He has the answers.

And they’re very simple. 

The problem is – we live in a society where trillions are off the idea of ‘a pill for every ill’.
And don’t get me wrong, there have been amazing advancements in certain areas of medicine. But there are definitely areas that leave the medical communities baffled. Mystery illnesses, chronic illnesses – these are generally ‘treated’ with different things that effectively mask the symptoms but do very little, if anything at all to address the underlying cause of the issue. And in some cases, even make the person sicker in the long term.

The body wants to heal. But we can’t keep filling it with nutrient devoid and harmful foods/medicines/toxins and expect great health. But we can help remove the obstacles to cure and help our systems work well how they’re supposed to.

Anthony offers some very practical, inexpensive and accessible solutions to solving your health issues – or just for adding extra vitality. And you can start with something as simple as Celery Juice. 

Yep. Celery Juice. Now for anyone familiar with Dr Sandra Cabot of the Liver Cleansing diet fame, you'll know that celery juice is a key component of her protocol (although she advises celery and carrot combined).

He currently has two more books – life changing foods and thyroid healing, and has a book dedicated to liver health due out this October or November. Can. Not. Wait.

In short? Bloody good book. Great read. 

Get amongst and join #TeamCelery

To your vitality,



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