A clean home is not necessarily an overly sanitized home…

We’ve all heard the mantra and seen the ad’s on tv, but could antibacterial cleaners actually causing more harm than good? It could very well be the case.

We’ve become a society of over sanitizers. Not everyone has brought into the hype but we’ve all seen that Mum who’s whipped out the hand sanitiser to cleanse their childs’ toy after another kid has picked it up for a look (seemingly without worrying about the child then ingesting the sanitiser itself…). 

The thing is, and probably what is less talked about particularly in snazzy advertising campaigns is that we actually need bacteria. Our gut is literally filled with trillions of bacteria and the trick is to balance out the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’. And when you’re using antibacterial, it doesn’t discriminate it kills it all. The overuse of antibacterial cleaners is similar to the overuse of antibiotics, which are great when they’re absolutely needed but they do kill off both good and bad bacteria. And what we’ve seen with antibiotics is bacteria evolving to become resistant – enter the age of the superbugs.

Professor Liz Harry, director of the ithree institute (infection, immunology and innovation) at the University of Technology in Sydney says, ‘Bacteria have been around for billions of years – they’ve learned to defend themselves and have developed genes that resist antibiotics as well as genes that resist antibacterial chemicals. They can also spread these genes to other neighbouring bacteria within minutes.’ She goes on to say, ‘if you use a lot of antibacterial products you risk enriching your home with more bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics and antibacterial chemicals’.

And she’s not the only one.

Some experts also believe there are links between over sanitizing and allergies. Is it possible that we’ve over sanitized our children into a bunch of allergic, itchy messes? Possibly!

The reason for the link between antibacterial soaps/cleaners etc and allergies has to do with the hygiene hypothesis, a theory about how the immune system develops and reacts to assaults. Some scientists believe that our society’s current obsession with cleanliness — both in the form of overuse of antibacterial cleaning products, as well as an exceedingly sanitized lifestyle that keeps us isolated from most sources of germs that can make us ill — has caused our immune systems to become hypersensitive to foreign assaults of all kinds, whether harmful or beneficial.

And because younger generations have been raised in such relatively sterile and clean environments, these researchers argue, their immune systems have not been challenged sufficiently to respond to bacteria and viruses, leading them to mistakenly overreact to common proteins such as those found in foods and grasses or dust. That results in allergies.

So, while well-meaning parents have been busily sanitizing their broods world in an effort to prevent them from getting sick and keep them looking good, they've actually unknowingly been weakening their poor little immune systems.

However – fear not! There are alternatives! 

I usually make my own cleaners featuring essential oils which I love but lately I’ve been trying out Pure Biotics, which is a cleaner that is safe, non-toxic and scientifically proven to break down harmful bacteria at the microscopic level. It’s hospital and university tested and approved so you know it’s good, and it’s also chemical free, biodegradable, non flammable, non volatile, non gmo, and non hazardous.

And I have to say – I’m a fan. And I feel great knowing that I’m contributing to a healthy environment for my family by the addition of the beneficial probiotics. I’ve been using them on all surfaces from the kitchen bench, to the toilet, to mopping the floors, and it’s great! Next step – windows.

So if you’re not a fan of DIY or don’t trust your usual green cleaners and want to have something that is tested, approved and proven to work then have a look into these cleaners here at www.purebiotics.co.nz

Not sponsored, just sharing the love.

The HH xx


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