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Shakti Mat Original

The Shakti Mat has got to be one of my favourite things, ever.

I find it an easy way to relax, it's like a forced meditation of sorts. I wish these were around when I had my first baby and had difficulty getting to sleep! Seriously where have you been all my life?! My favourite thing to do is to practise my diaphragmatic breathing while lying on it, or my vitality, tai chi styles exercises while standing on it. I'm a big fan of acupuncture and have used it a lot since I was a teenager. But this is easier – it doesn't require leaving the house. Acupressure is a natural and effective therapy similar to modern massage, reflexology and acupuncture. It stimulates pressure points to encourage healing in the body. Today The Shakti Acupressure Mat provides millions with relief from stress, sleep problems, muscle tension, back pain and headaches.

Take 20 minutes to feel yourself sink into deep relaxation while your whole body receives a therapeutic treatment. What could be better? How about doing this whenever you want, wherever you want.

So what is it like to lie on The Shakti Mat? Most people feel some discomfort when they first lie down but hold tight, given a few minutes this stimulation triggers the body's incredible response. First, a rush of circulation to the area radiates warmth through the muscles encouraging healing and flushing out toxins. Next the body releases endorphins - our own natural and effective pain relief. The endorphins relax the muscles and provide a profound sense of calm. After a 20 minute session the feeling is entirely different and you will feel pain free, relaxed and at ease lying on The Shakti Mat. Within the first week of use you can look forward to better sleep, reduced muscle tension, better circulation and a reduction in stress.

The effectiveness of The Shakti Mat is supported by medical experts, clinical research and trusted by world-class athletes.

Each Shakti Mat is made by hand in a charity workshop in Varanasi, India. Shakti support the incredible women who make them with good pay, good hours, meals, holiday pay and a safe and happy work environment. The women are also provided free healthcare for them and their families, and free weekly doctor visits.

The Shakti Mat itself is hand stitched organic cotton. Organic dye gives it a rich vibrant colour and the spikes are made from durable, recyclable ABS plastic (the same stuff Lego is made from).

Available in Orange and Green these mats are perfect for most people. 6,000 points makes for a deep acupressure treatment.

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