Ultimate Detox Bath

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Ultimate Detox Bath

This is the ultimate, the big Kingi of detox bath soaks. Bentonite clay, the heavy hitter of heavy metal detoxification combined with Epsom salts and the beautiful relaxing scent of ylang ylang essential oil. You've probably already read up on Bentonite Clay and Epsom Salts, but this is the first time Ylang Ylang features in the healthy hippy repertoire. On a strictly emotional and spiritual level, ylang ylang essential oil is truly the oil of the heart. It can help us connect to our own heart, process things from the heart, and heal emotional traumas. It's also thought to be the oil of the inner child, helping us connect to our own sense of inner joy and being in the moment, as children so easily do. This allows us to play, release bottled up emotions, and move back into our sense of trust in the process of Life.

In all essences of the word, this really is the ultimate in the detox bath experience.

Directions: Add one cup to your bath with 1 c of apple cider vinegar if handy and agitate until dissolved. Soak for 20-40 minutes. Light a candle, grab a herbal tea and get ready to soak away the day, week, month, whatever! When you're finished, a big glass of water is advisable. It's common to feel zapped after this as so many toxins are drawn out, but you'll feel sprightly after a good nights sleep. Because of this is, it's a good idea to do this before bed.

Ingredients: Organic Bentonite Clay, Epsom Salts, Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Hand blended batch by batch with love sans metal instruments (as this can disrupt the charge of the Bentonite Clay).

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