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Smoothies! We all know they’re good for us but it’s easy to be totally bamboozled by what we should be adding in. There are so many superfoods out there and with differing benefits and qualities it’s hard to separate the spirulina from the chlorella to know exactly what you should be having, let alone trying to figure out what works together to make a delicious blend. Rachel at Northland Nutrition has carefully created these packs in order to take the guess work out for you with these incredible gluten and dairy-free smoothie pack mixes. These packs are the highest of quality, individually packed with all organic ingredients to give you and your loved ones, the best start to the day. It’s safe to say these smoothie packs are bloody brilliant!

The Dr.Green Smoothie Pack supports optimal nutrition and energy. Dr. Green includes CHIA, PUMPKIN SEEDS, HEMP SEED PROTEIN, FLAXSEEDS, DATES and SPIRULINA. This is your ultimate green smoothie mix, with all you need to get those cells firing with energy. This Smoothie mix goes perfectly with frozen mango, passionfruit or blueberries from your local grocer.

Smoothie Packs are excellent for sports people with noted improved performance. The nutrients satisfy the cells in your body so you don’t crave high fat and sugary snacks. Many customers who have suffered sugar cravings have found they no longer have them after having these smoothies which in turn assists with weightloss.

Add just 3 Tablespoons to your usual smoothie or just add fruit and water.


Everything we eat must be broken down into a liquid-soluble form by a number of chemical and mechanical processes that take place.

Our body reduces these solid foods to simple compounds so that they can pass through the small intestinal wall into the bloodstream, to be sent all around the body and absorbed where needed.

The Smoothie, in itself, is very simple to digest.  It contains an abundance of nutrients in liquid-soluble form, together with all the enzymes necessary for digestion and other necessary functions.  Happily, this low workload for the digestive system also creates another positive outcome:  We can now assimilate more of what we are eating --- or, with the Smoothie, what we are drinking.

The diminished burden on the digestive system frees up not only energy but also ENZYMES, which can be utilized to heal the body.  This is what puts the body into an energised and satisfied, happy and delightful state. 


Hemp Seed Protein - is considered to be the best nutritional seed for health as it has the highest and most complete profile of essential fatty acids and amino acids.

Spirulina – is a wholefood single celled algae which contains about 60% (51-71%) protein. It is a complete protein containing all essential amino acids, packed with vitamins and minerals which support energy production and cell renewal.

Chia – high in omega-3, calcium, protein, vitamin C and Iron! Chia has a positive impact on balancing blood sugar levels, is high in fibre and helps to heal digestive issues.

Dates – an excellent source of iron, rich in calcium, manganese and copper. A moderate source of B complex vitamins and vitamin K.

Pumpkin Seeds - are an excellent source of amino acids tryptophan and glutamate which is converted to seretonin, nature’s happy pill.

These co-factors are also the precusors of niacin anti- stress neurochemical in the brain which helps reducing anxiety, nervous irritability, and other neurotic conditions.

Flaxseeds – contain high levels of omega-3 which help prevent cardiovascular disease and help with fetal development. 

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