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Finally we’re out of the dark depths of winter and into
spring. Though layering clothes wise is still essential, the colder and shorter
days are behind us and we’re on the downhill slide to Summer – woohoo!

It’s around this time of year that many start to consider a good ‘cleanse’ before summer. The usual chat of getting in shape for summer begins and we usually start saying goodbye to the stodgy and hearty winter type meals and welcome in fresher salads and get excited about the summer fruits that will be coming in any day now (I’ve already seen strawberries in the shops
and it’s only the start of October!).

Many households go through a ‘Spring Clean’. I guess this is a traditional clean to remove any build up of mold and mildew that may have accumulated during the dark months of wind and relentless rain and cold. Doing an internal spring clean of your home is completely acceptable, and almost expected really.

But what isn’t talked about so much is the importance of internally cleansing your own ecosystem. This is absolutely crucial! If, like many, you’re feeling like you’re needing a bit of a reset, a spring clean for your own body, then this is the ideal starting point for you.

I’m a big fan of juice cleanses as it’s important to give the digestive system a rest, but what if your gut isn’t in good shape to begin with? Is this a futile exercise? Maybe!

Enter the Silica Sweep, it’s like sweeping out your insides, very gently. Some even call it a gut healing powder. It really is incredible. It’s also a great source of silica, which we need, so while you’re cleaning out your digestive system you’re also starting to absorb some crucial silica.

This combines perfectly with the Harker Herbals Intestinal Cleanse. This wonderful herbal remedy is specially formulated using some of the worlds most revered and renowned remedies for intestinal cleansing by Master Herbalist Malcolm Harker. What exactly do I mean by that? Well it has the same ingredients that have been used over the ages for internal parasite control. It’s estimated around 85% of people have them, from what I’ve read. I’m assuming the 15% who don’t are the ones that regularly cleanse!

This combination works wonderfully to clear out the digestive tract, removing toxins and any invaders that could well be robbing you of any nutrients that you’re putting in.

If you’re after a true spring cleanse, with a lot of added benefits then this is the place to start!

To get you on your way – we’ve created this special at $69 - with FREE shipping nationwide (In NZ Only). Usually over $77.

For more info, you can read the blog on using the Silica Sweep on my own family in the blog.

Harker Herbals Intestinal Cleanse not recommended for pregnant or lactating mothers.

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