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The Detox Box - carefully crafted and curated by The Healthy Hippy - this is BURSTING with goodness to help you detox, cleanse and reset.

Featured Products include;

The Silica Sweep 300g - a gentle way to cleanse your insides and heal your gut. Some call it a Heal your gut powder, what we know is it's bloody good at clearing out toxins and giving you a boost in your silica levels (which we all need). More info on this on the blog and in the store.

Harker Herbals Intestinal Cleanse - an essential herbal tonic by Master Herbalist Malcolm Harker designed to reduce and remove unwanted guests.

Nux Vomica 30c - Homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica 30c. While we can't make any claims about homeopathic remedies, a little research will let you know what this is good for.

Activated Charcoal (medicinal grade) - for helping to pull toxins out of the body. An essential item in every holistic first aid kit as well. Fantastic for using with tummy bugs, food poisoning, is a favourite of many of our customers to reduce the effects of hangovers.

Dr. Green Smoothie Mix - this organic smoothie mix is just what the good witch doctor orders for replenishing and revitalising your cells after cleansing.

For more detailed information about these products, check our online store or blog for the full write up.

This Detox Box will get you well on your way to achieving your goals of giving your inner eco system a good cleansing.

We're passionate about helping you achieve optimal vitality, and have created this Detox Box for the special price of $130 - with Free Shipping Nationwide in NZ. Individually these items would cost upwards of $150 including shipping.

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