Earthware Beeswax Wraps set of 3




How gorgeous are these reusable food warps from Earthware? 

Another easy way to reduce your plastic usage.

Earthware wraps are great for wrapping items you previously covered in cling film, such as cheeses, sandwiches, leftovers, bowls, fruit and veges.

These reusable wraps are made from New Zealand beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin and handmade with love in New Zealand.

They can be used over and over again, significantly reducing your plastic footprint!

Set contains:

1 Large, 1 Medium and 1 small Earthware Wrap

Large wraps are 35cm x 38cm and are perfect for

wrapping 1KG blocks of cheese, large BBQ bowls.

Medium wraps are 26cm x 33cm and are suited to

sandwiches and smaller bowls.

Small wraps are 21cm x 21cm and are excellent

for off cuts of cheese, avo’s and lunch box snacks.

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